'21 Baker Road' probes misplaced obsession

March 25, 2009

'21 Baker Road' probes misplaced obsession

Charlie Brigade lives for his house. At the expense of his wife and kids, he invests himself in its perfection until it consumes him. But when he makes an ill-starred trip to the roof and winds up making like a lawn dart over the edge, something strange happens: He's transported to a homeowner's purgatory where he can watch his old life carrying on without him. A big fall, we find out, has a way of rejiggering your priorities.

Our own misplaced obsessions are thrust onstage in this musical by Nashvillians Jim Reyland and Addison Gore, which harnesses a broad spectrum of music (with the help of Boiler Room Theatre's Jamey Green) to spin an engaging, family-friendly tale of how one man learns what really matters in life.

"A lot of times in theater in Nashville, we sort of exist in our own spheres," says Reyland. "But it's fun to bring some of these satellite groups together to create something new, and that's really what's happening here."

The play, which is currently in the workshop stage, is 7:30 p.m. Tuesday-Friday and 2 p.m. Saturday and March 29 at the Writer's Stage Theater, 1008 Charlotte Ave., with free parking in the Five Star Chrysler lot next door. A gala fundraiser will be held 7:30 p.m. Saturday and includes a reception with the writers and the cast. Reservations are encouraged; tickets are $50. Otherwise, all seats are $12. Details: www.writersstage.com, 636-9177.