Nashville Scene - 21 Baker Road 2009

21 Baker Road at Writer's Stage

Martin Brady

This being Music City, it behooves us to pay attention when talented locals invest time and treasure in an original musical theater piece. Co-writers Jim Reyland and Addison Gore have been developing this charming story with a meaningful message for a few years now, and it took a major step forward in 2008 when a formal, staged read-and-sing was presented at Belmont's Troutt Theater to a near-capacity audience.

The creative team has moved the process along even further with this workshop production, which benefits from carefully considered re-writes and new songs, the continued directorial guidance of Barry Scott, and, equally important, the contribution of Boiler Room Theatre's Jamey Green, who hopped on board as musical director. Again picking up the key roles from the staged reading are veteran actor-singer John Warren and youthful Matthew Taylor. The company hosts a gala fundraiser on March 28 that includes gourmet eats and a reception with the writers and cast. For more information, visit