21 Baker Road - A New Musical

The full workshop production of "21 BAKER ROAD"
by Jim Reyland and Addison Gore


"It's All About Balance"

"Charlie Brigade falls from the only thing he's ever loved, his house. He wakes up somewhere between here and there; and while his family lives on in triumph and tragedy, all Charlie can do is watch and learn and try and save himself."

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Musical Selections from "21 Baker Road"

My Room Our House
The Place
Don't You Think
Get Out Of My House
Jane's Lament
Half Way To Heaven Blues
Horn Of Plenty
I Miss You
Buster Crane - Part One
Silly Lily
Buster Crane - Part Two
One Perfect Love
One Perfect Lily
My Room Our House - reprise
One Perfect Charlie
Where Do I Go From Here?
Like Crazy Do
We're Each Others Angels